The Incubator Series is a space for us to learn from the community through problems and activities that might still be in an unpolished form. We want to learn how to use these activities for teaching and how to improve learning outcomes. We want to see what problems and activities move students of different age groups and different mathematics backgrounds. The Incubator is a space that's open to guest hosts for them to share problems that might be new to us, but that they might have tested successfully in their own circles. It is an experimental space that will benefit both the Webinars (online) and the Festivals (in-person).

To support us in bringing the joy of mathematics to hundreds of students and teachers around the world every week, please contact us at We are happy to include your name or that of your organization, if you wish, in the launch video and acknowledge your generous contribution during the webinars. For other joyful math online, visit

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